Cabinet Repair & Restoration – Why Get the Work Done by a Professional

If your cabinets are in need of cabinet repair restoration, it can be a great idea to get the work done by a professional. This can help restore your cabinets back to their former glory. This can also include the repair of drawers and door fronts. A professional cabinet repair and restoration can restore your cabinets to their original look, so you can regain their storage space.

Some of the common causes of cabinet repair restoration include water damage and faded stains. These conditions can also compromise the functionality of the cabinet. Water damage can make the cabinet swell, rot, and even attract mold. However, if the damage is not severe, it can be repaired and used again.

Kitchen cabinet repair restoration begins by removing the doors and drawers. Once the cabinet is bare, you should assess the damage and decide on a plan for restoration. This should include a detailed list of all repairs and materials needed to restore the cabinets. The first step of the restoration process is to remove the old finish.

Refinishing cabinets can add new life to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and save you the cost of buying new cabinets. Furniture Medic offers many different cabinet repair restoration services, including cleaning, minor repairs, and color touch-ups. St. Petersburg handyman services offers cabinet refinishing and refacing services. Once the cabinets are refinished, they are ready to be used again.

Cabinet repair and restoration is one of the most common home improvement projects. The professionals at Furniture Medic have years of experience and can help you restore cabinets with their expertise. They can fix scratched cabinet frames, replace broken hardware, and rejuvenate the cabinet’s color. A Furniture Medic cabinet restoration service can also refinish your cabinets, so that they look new again.

Before painting your cabinets, you should thoroughly sand them to prepare them for painting. This will help the paint adhere well to the surface. However, this process is messy, so be prepared for it. After sanding, wipe down the cabinets thoroughly. You should then apply a primer, which will help the paint job stay even and bind with the doors.

The hardware of a cabinet is a very important part of its operation. This includes the handles, knobs, and hinges. Unsecured hinges can make it difficult to open and close cabinet doors. Fortunately, you can repair stripped screwholes by using a few toothpicks dipped in wood glue. You can then screw in a door knob.

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